Creative Visualization, Quantum Physics (and Other Freaky Stuff)

It’s been scientifially proven that mental visualization can improve physical performance.

In other words, mentally rehearsing your sport can help you develop into a better athlete.  But let’s take this concept a step further. When you visualize being successful and over and over, then becoming successful gets baked into your memory, and eventually becomes something you just do naturally. This is exactly why I have a visualization and meditation practice that I do every day, and I’m about to walk you through it. But, before I do, you should know that the stuff I’m about to talk about gets pretty weird. You’ve been warned.

Quantum Entanglement & Your Success

First, we’re going to borrow a bit of influence from a concept called quantum entanglement, albeit in very watered down manner, and mix it together with the magic of imagination.

Imagine 2 objects. One is you, and the other is your dream or goal. The aim here, as in life, is to get from where you are now, to becoming successful in whatever you choose to do. For this illustration, we want to bring these two objects together. But in order to make them meet — in order to become successful — you yourself have to first believe that it‘s even possible for this to happen. You have to believe in your dreams. This creates a “bridge”, so to speak, between the two objects, in this case, you and your dreams. You are now “entangled” with success”

This “bridge” is made up of all the events life decides to throw at you, good, bad, and the ugly. Each of these events are literally preparing you for and bringing you closer to reaching your goal. But as we know, getting there isn’t that simple. The path to success is not a straight shot and it almost never is for anyone. 

The squiggly line is closer to what it actually looks like. And this is where people make the mistake of giving up — when they let their current life circumstances deceive them and make them believe it’s not possible to achieve their end goal, which destroys the bridge altogether.

Truth be told, the end of a journey is often the hardest, and that’s when most people give up. This is why it’s important to believe in the vision within your mind, rather than what’s in front of your eyes. Your two eyes may deceive you, but your 3rd eye never will.

A Simple Visualization Exercise

Here’s how I actually apply this visualization in my life on a daily basis. Before I go to sleep, I imagine what exactly my own success looks like. Not to Instagram, not to my friends, but to me. I keep that image in mind, and focus on the feelings it produces.  I have a very visual memory, so I have pictures on my vision board that represent what success is for me. But you don’t have to be a visual person to do this. It’s the feelings that those images create that really matters. I keep those positive feelings in mind for a few minutes. 

It’s important to believe in the vision within your mind, rather than what’s in front of your eyes. Your two eyes may deceive you, but your third eye never will.

Next, I take a mental inventory of each of my experiences from the day, and imagine them each as being one step further along my bridge to success. No matter what went down during the day, I realize that I’ve moved closer toward my dreams, and as long as I keep moving, I will get there, no matter how long it takes. Then I go to sleep. I don’t worry about the outcome itself or the details of how things will play out. I just let it go and go to sleep.

And that’s all there is to it.

What you focus on only gets bigger, so the whole idea is to trick your mind into feeling as though you already are successful. But if this exercise ever begins to feel like work, or your thoughts start turn negative, just breathe, and let it go. Come back at it another time—this should be an enjoyable exercise. 

Remember this: You cannot become something that you don’t already see yourself to be. By visualizing regularly, you can play Jedi mind tricks on yourself until you actually begin to think differently. And that, my friends, is the entire point. 

Give this exercise a try for a week. Try to suspend any disbelief just for a week and see if this helps you change your mindset. And if it does, hit me up and let me know. You’ll be surprised how much things can change in your favor, just by deciding to believe bigger.