Become a Student of Your Sport.


Back in 2006, as a sophomore in high school, I was I was triple jumping a mere 34 feet and getting beaten by most girls my age. But rather than quit, I spent the summer running 5k’s, pulling sleds, studying the pros, and doing anything that would help transform my body and mind into a cohesive machine. I became a disciple of my craft.

One year and 14 feet of improvement later, I was ranked in the top 3 in the country. I didn’t have any more “talent” or “luck” than my rivals. My X factor was — and still is — my work ethic. This dedication has led me from being an overlooked underdog, to becoming an 2-time NCAA All-American, and Olympian.

Work while your rivals sleep, train your mind as well as your body, and test your limits every single day. You’ll reap the benefits when it matters most.

Use the videos on this page to study your event, and become your greatest version on and off the track.

“I have no idols. I admire work, dedication, and competence.”

- Ayrton senna