Become a Student of Your Sport.


Back in 2006, as a sophomore in high school, I was I was triple jumping a mere 34 feet and getting beaten by most girls my age. But rather than quit, I spent the summer running 5k’s, pulling sleds, studying videos of the pros on YouTube, and doing anything that would help me transform my body and mind into a cohesive machine. I became a disciple of my craft.

One year and 14 feet of improvement later, I was ranked in the top 3 in the country. I didn’t have any more “talent” or “luck” than my rivals. My X factor was — and still is — my work ethic. This dedication has led me from being an overlooked underdog, to becoming an 2-time NCAA All-American, and Olympian.

This page is the resource I would’ve wanted when I was brand new to the sport of track & field way back in 2006. Both athletes and coaches alike will find useful event-specific technique breakdowns, sprint & plyometric drills, exercises for general fitness, and much more.


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